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Inventions for the future

I love to talk about new inventions and how the science really is something new to us all. I believe that this is only one thing of many that we should now more about and inventions that are making a difference is all around us. Small valves is really something that helps us to do more and to do something great too. So why not try to get ahead and also feel what we like so that we also can do something more?
I love the way we talk to each other and the way we also feel about getting something ...


Hi everyone! I am back from my trip to London with work, it was a couple pf intense days but I learned a lot and made some good deals. I am working with hotel software at the moment which is a really fascinating market with a lot of customers and a lot of different criterias which we need to fulfill. Also, my good friend Tanya went with me so I had someone to keep me company during the nights which was nice, London is a great city! However, now I just want to relax a couple of days and ...

No probelms

I was in town and looking for some rf cable assemblies and found a store that was providing with just that. I was happy and went back home to use it. I was really happy with the result when it was all done, and I didn't need anything else to fix the problem I was having. When everything is just like it should be, nothing could be more perfect. So I would really recomend the store for others to go to and get the same products like I got. It's really nice to have some things that you need, ...

Playing golf with friends

I was with some friends the other weekend and went to play some golf in Brittany. We had a great time and it was really fun to play some golf. Before I didn't really like golf that much since I kind of never played it. But I won a travel to France to play golf with some friends. So we went there and played some golf. And I got to say that I really like playing golf. It's so much fun. Especially when you're playing with friends. I might do it again.


I heard of a person whose cartilage was damaged. I thought this is something that can be fixed by surgery, but apparently it isn't. So it's quite a serious thing, as there's no way back. The only thing they can do is prevent it from getting more damaged. In the case of this person he's getting all kinds of additives to his food and it's really needed, because some movements that are normal for most people cause him a lot of pain. I don't know if he could have done anything to prevent it and of course that is always ...